Motor Retail Sector

Professional Glazing Installation

Automotive dealerships use sleek and stylish backdrops to help enhance the buying experience of every customer that enters the showroom.

Working alongside some of the top architects and main contractors in the UK to realise their ambitions, Lusso can offer bespoke design solutions to meet the clients brief.

With the use of innovative detailing, colour and manifestation we are able to incorporate individuality that is recognised by both the client and customer to give unique brand identity.

Nissan & Volvo Showroom, Reading

Architect: Saunders Architects Contractor: Kier

Porsche Centre, Tonbridge

Architect: Axis 3 Design Contractor: BDB Design & Build


Architect: NC Architects Contractor: Square One

Carshops, Bristol

Architect: ATA Design Contractor: MCS

BMW, Carlisle

Architect: Taylor Design Architects Ltd Contractor: ESH Border Construction

Mercedes Benz, Cheshire Oaks

Architect: Fletcher Smith Architects Contractor: Hantall Developments

Porsche HQ, Reading

Architect: HNW Architects Contractor: MCS

Honda, Worthing

Architect: HNW Architects Contractor: Square One

Bentley, Leeds

Architect: Taylor Design Architects Ltd Contractor: MCS Group

Audi, Harrogate

Architect: Taylor Design Architects Ltd Contractor: Tom Willoughby

Sytner BMW, Nottingham

Contractor: MCS

Hyundai, Swansea

Architect: Hurley & Davies Property Consultants Contractor: John Weaver

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Glazing Installation

Professional Glazing Installation

Professional Service & Installation

We have years of expertise installing high specification glazing solutions for clients across all industry sectors. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Lusso Case Studies

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Lusso Case Studies

Lusso have had vast experience of working within various sectors. The projects we have contributed to have helped transform businesses and communities. Find out more about our case studies by clicking the link below.