Lusso High Acoustic
Glazing Systems

High Acoustic Systems

Lusso have developed high acoustic glazing as a double or triple glazed frameless partitioning system, acoustically tested in full UKAS facilities to achieve up to 60dB.

The Lusso 105dB frameless glazing system provides all the aesthetic benefits of the standard 105 system, with added acoustic performance. Maintaining the overall system thickness, specialist acoustic glass is utilised to maximise the partitions acoustic performance.

High Acoustic Glazing

Precision Engineering

The Lusso 205dB frameless glazing system was developed to push the boundaries of conventional glazing, with specialist acoustic materials and technologies combining to produce a market leading acoustic glazed screen. This triple glazed system sets an unprecedented acoustic performance for frameless demountable glazing, which lends itself to use in media production and laboratory environments.

Superior Acoustic Performance

Lusso’s high acoustic glazed partitioning systems are finished with polyester powder coated aluminium sections. Designed with a minimal profile, these systems offer superior acoustic performances whilst maximising light transfer throughout your space. Where there is a need for extra sound proofing, either for protection or for privacy, Lusso’s high acoustic glazed partitioning is especially useful for separating and integrating different spaces to help create one environment.

High Acoustic Glazing
High Acoustic Glazing Installation

High Acoustic Glazing Installation

Professional Service & Installation

We have years of expertise installing high specification glazing solutions for clients across all industry sectors. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Double Glazed Frameless Partitions

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