Lusso Framed
Single Glazing

Framed Single Glazing Partitions

Lusso 105M/SG is a framed single glazing partition system that creates the appearance of flushed glazing. It allows the glass to be fitted to the extreme edge of the system using a slim profile mullion. The 105M/SG system can offer high acoustic, fire and structural performance, perfect to create safe high traffic spaces whilst keeping a minimalistic look.

Framed Single Glazing

Glass Partitions to Optimise Your Space

Lusso 105M/SG single glazed framed partition system can be used as an effective way of separating workspaces in a modern office environment. With the use of varying types of glass and thickness, it is both practical and stylish. The framed system is ideal for those seeking an alternative to the frameless look without compromising the flow of light throughout your space.

Lusso 25M Single Glazing

Technical specifications

If you are looking to specify Lusso’s range of products, please get in touch to let us know your requirements.


105mm thickness

Glass Types

6mm Toughened Glass

10mm Toughened Glass

12mm Toughened Glass

12.8mm Acoustic Laminate

14.8mm Acoustic Laminate

16.8mm Acoustic Laminate

22mm Structural Glass

Switch Glass

Glass to Glass Joints

Slimline Mullion


Up to 41dB


Up to +/- 25mm

Door Options

Frameless Single Glass Leaf

Framed Single Glass Leaf

Frameless Single Glass Sliding Leaf

Framed Single Glass Sliding Leaf

Frameless Double Glazed Bonded Leaf

Framed Double Glazed Leaf

Timber Leaf


Full range of Offset Pivots and Stainless Steel finishes available

Framework Finishes

Powder Coated Stock Colours RAL 9006, 9010

Powder Coated to all RAL/BS Colours

Stainless Steel Simulated Colour

Satin Anodised Aluminium


Laser Cut Applied Opal Frost Film

Ceramic Fritting

Digital Graphics

Switch Glass

Framed Single Glazing Technical

Lusso 25M Single Glazing

Technical drawings

All Lusso’s technical drawings are available, on request, to specifiers in CAD format. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Framed Single Glazing Installation

Frameless Glazing Installation

Interior Glazing Experts

We have the expertise to advise and work with you on your project from design to installation of our stunning framed glazed partitions.

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