Lusso Framed

Framed Glazing Partitions

Lusso’s framed glazing systems are available in both our single and double glazed options. Like our frameless systems, the framed partitions offer flexibility in design, capable of high acoustic, fire and structural performance.

The integral mullions are full width, enabling the glass to be fitted to the extreme edge of the system, giving it a flushed glazed appearance.


25M Single Framed Glazing

Lusso 25M Single
Framed Glazing

The 25M single glazed framed system meets the design brief for a framed look through the use of offset single glazing. This alternative aesthetic also retains the acoustic, fire and structural applications given from our Lusso 25 frameless system.


105M Double Framed Glazing

Lusso 105M Double
Framed Glazing

The 105M double glazed framed system offers superior structural strength through the use of full height structural aluminium mullions. The option of fine line integral venetian blinds can be used to enhance privacy for your offices and boardrooms.

Glass Joint Options

Lusso offer a range of technical details to achieve the framed glazed configuration. Our team of experts can advise on the best solution for your project in order to achieve the optimum performance.

Framed Glazing Solutions

Single Glazed Solutions

The Lusso 25M system incorporates full height mullions to provide structural stability for the offset single glazed design. Transoms can be used to divide the elevation if required.

Framed Glazing Solutions

Double Glazed Solutions

The Lusso 105M incorporates a full height aluminium mullion to provide additional structural rigidity. The system can be altered to accommodate various glass thicknesses to suit acoustic and structural requirements.

Framed Glazing Installation

Framed Glazing Installation

Professional Service & Installation

We have years of expertise installing high specification glazing solutions for clients across all industry sectors. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Atria Glazing Partitions

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Lusso Atria Glazing

Lusso’s atria glazing systems are tested to achieve optimal line-loading. Further information on our atria systems can be found through the link below.