Lusso Frameless

Frameless Glazed Partitioning

Lusso frameless glazing is available in two distinct configurations: The Lusso 25 single glazing system and the Lusso 105 double glazing system. The frameless glazing range is versatile, and adept to a variety of acoustic, fire and structural applications.

The illusion of continuous glazing is achieved as there are no mullions to provide a visual break in the glazing. For this reason, the frameless systems also lend themselves to atria and high-level glazing, where the partitioning allows additional light transfer and uninterrupted views.


25 Single Frameless Glazing

Lusso 25 Single
Frameless Glazing

The 25 single glazed system provides a minimalistic look and has the capability to incorporate various thicknesses and glass types to meet specification criteria. The slimline framework maximises natural light, creating an atmosphere of space, brightness and transparency.


105 Double Frameless Glazing

Lusso 105 Double
Frameless Glazing

The 105 double glazed system is extremely versatile; capable of offering high acoustic, fire and structural performance. The option of interstitial blinds also makes the system effective in areas of high sensitivity where privacy is required.

Glass Joint Options

Lusso offer a range of glass to glass joints to complete a seamless transition between the panes. Our team of experts can advise on the best solution for your project in order to achieve the optimum performance.

Dry Joint Glazing Solutions

Dry joint solutions

The crystal clear extruded I-section dry joint provides a seamless glass frontage, giving the appearance of continuous glazing with flush extrusions fitting neatly into the chamfered edges of the glass.

Silicone Glass Seals Glazing

Silicone glass seals

Silicone glass to glass joints are applied on-site following installation and provide a flush, flexible seal finish forming a structural bond between each pane.

Frameless Glazing Installation

Frameless Glazing Installation

Professional Service & Installation

We have years of expertise installing high specification glazing solutions for clients across all industry sectors. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Framed Glazed Partitions

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Framed Glazed Partitions

Lusso’s framed partition system is incredibly versatile and is offered in either single or double glazed options. The integral mullion is full width, enabling the glass to be fitted to the extreme edge of the system giving it a flushed glazed appearance.