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The increasing demand and requirement for atria and edge protection glazing can be met with our structural glazing systems. Atria glazing provides the option of edge protection glazing systems across the product range, from Lusso 25 frameless single glazed to Lusso 105M framed double glazed.

These systems incorporate various specialist strengthened laminate glass to provide barrier edge protection and high acoustic performance. Various configurations of our systems are available to achieve a line load of up to 3.0kN/Lmtr.

Atria Glazing Partitions

Specialist Atria Glazing

The use of glass within atria allows for natural light transmission, enhances the spatial capacity and creates a unique design feature to any building.

Lusso also offer a range of frameless glass balustrade systems to meet your design requirements and complement our frameless partition systems. These systems provide an outstanding design feature to staircases, ramps, internal bridges and mezzanine floors.

Free-standing partitions

Free-standing glazed partitions are often used in open spaces with high ceilings where a head restraint is not available. The major benefit of this type of partition is the limited impact on the building architecture and design aesthetic. The use of a free-standing glazed structures also minimises the interfacing with M&E equipment and surface finishes. Lusso provide a full range of frameless partitioning in a free-standing configuration.

Atria Glazing Partitions
Frameless Glazing

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Frameless Glazed Partitions

Lusso’s frameless partition system is incredibly versatile and is offered in either single or double-glazed options. For more information on this product range, please follow the link below.

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We have years of expertise installing high specification glazing solutions for clients across all industry sectors. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.