Lusso Fire Rated
Glazing Systems

Fire Rated Glazing

Lusso offer a variety of framed and frameless fire rated glazing partitions to suit your requirements. The frameless glazed systems can achieve up to 60 minutes integrity and insulation, whilst we offer steel framed systems capable of achieving up to 120 minutes integrity and insulation.

Fire Rated Glazing

Safe and Minimal

The Lusso 25FR glazed system is a variation of Lusso 25 system with the glass upgraded to provide up to 30/30 fire rating. Utilising ceramic cored silicon glass to glass joints, the contemporary minimalistic characteristics of the standard system are maintained, making this system particularly suited to atria and lightwells where fire protection is needed.

High Performance Systems

The Lusso 125FR/T can also provide up to 60/60 fire rating, with the added benefit of higher acoustic performance. Thus, this system is particularly advantageous in communal lobbies or walkways where high fire performance is critical and minimal sound transfer is preferable. This system provides a clean, mullion free glazed partition with a combination of ceramic cored silicone and I section glass to glass joints.

Fire Rated Glazing
Fire Rated Glazing Health Sector

Fire Rated Glazing Sector

Health Sector

Lusso have had vast experience of working within the health sector. The projects we have contributed to have helped transform communities.

Lusso Door Installation

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Lusso Doors

Lusso offer a range of door options that seamlessly integrate into both single and double-glazed systems. For more information of these products, please use the link below.